Professor Kater Murch
2008 Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
2007 MA, University of California, Berkeley
1998 BA, Reed College

Professional History
2013-present Assistant Professor, Washington University
2008-2013 Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley

Kater received his B.A. in physics from Reed College in 2002. After that, he spent a long year slacking off, working as a bee keeper, honing his guitar skills, and studying the cello before finally starting his Ph.D. work at UC Berkeley with Prof. Dan Stamper-Kurn. After some time studying Bose-Einstein condensation in multiply connected geometries, Kater focused his interests on general problems in quantum measurement, and performed some of the first studies of position measurement quantum backaction. After receiving his Ph.D. in 2008, Kater continued work in the Stamper-Kurn group studying a possible super-solid phase of matter which occurs in spinor-Bose-Einsten condensates, and constructing a state of the art BEC apparatus. After a short postdoc in the Stamper-Kurn Group, Kater joined Irfan Siddiqi's group to study superconducting quantum circuits, where he continued to study basic questions in quantum measurement and quantum noise. In 2013, Kater joined the faculty at Washington University. In 2015 Kater received the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship in Physics.
An interview with Kater: Wine, Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Time
Cheating Heisenberg: Feature in Reed Magazine     Office: 218 Crow       Phone: (314) 935-7765
Dian Tan
Dian graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, P. R. China in 2012, where he conducted research on Iron-based superconductors, pnictide-oxidies and substitution effects in the AFeSe-122 system. In 2012 Dian came to Washington University for graduate studies in physics.
Office: Crow 104       Phone: (314) 935-4723
Mahdi Naghiloo
Mahdi received his BSc in solid state Physics from Zanjan University (2008) and got his MS in quantum optics from Sharif University of Technology (2011). He moved to the US in 2013 to join the Murch research group and is interested in using experimental techniques to probe fundamental questions in quantum mechanics.
Office: Crow 104       Phone: (314) 935-4723
Patrick Harrington
Patrick did his undergraduate work at Gordon College and spent time working as a research scientist at Thermo Fisher before heading to Washington University for his Ph.D. research. A jack of all trades and wiz on the guitar.
Office: Crow 108       Phone:(314) 935-4723
Jonathan did his undergraduate work at Texas A&M and is slowly converting us all to python.
Office: Crow 106       Phone:(314) 935-4723
Fan Chen
Fan is a current junior, majoring in Physics and dabbling in Art. If you see her around you are welcome to challenge her to a game of "Go", which you will lose.
Office: Crow 104       Phone:(314) 935-4723
Arman Guerra
Arman joined the lab as a sophomore and is exploring topological phase transitoins with superconducting qubits.
Office: Crow 104       Phone:(314) 935-4723
Michael Seitanakis
Michael joined the lab as a junior and is working on coupling microwave photons to chromium ions in ruby, as well as generally fixing broken electronics in the lab.
Office: Crow 104       Phone:(314) 935-4723
Former group member: Neda Forouzani
Neda was a postdoc in the group from 2014-2016 at LPS Maryland.
Office: Crow 104       Phone: (314) 935-4723